Ten Laws of Kung Fu

The Ten Laws of Kung Fu are non-religious, and transcend all cultures and races, i.e. people of any culture and race would agree that they promote values that are worthy and desirable. Laws, in the Luohan Kung Fu tradition, are not meant to be punitive or restrictive, but as practical means to help students achieve set aims and objectives; in this case to help them attain the best possible results in practicing Luohan Kung Fu for combat efficiency, joyful living, and mind expansion.

There is no legal biding on the Ten Laws of Kung Fu; one cannot be prosecuted in a law court if he breaks these laws. The binding is moral. But they are not forced upon the student; the student accepts them because he chooses to, because he believes they are helpful to him in his physical, emotional, and mental cultivation. If he breaks the laws, despite sufficient warnings, he may be asked to leave the school, not as a punishment, but because the training is not suitable for him.

THE TEN LAWS OF KUNG  FU (Directly translated from Master Su’s notes)

I …………………………/ in all sincerity will uphold and practise the Ten Laws of Kung Fu.


  1. I will obey the rules of the Tang.
  2. I will respect my instructors, seniors and fellow classmates.
  3. I will not be disobedient and arrogant.
  4. I will not misuse Kung Fu.
  5. I will practise my Kung Fu regularly and persistently.
  6. I learn Kung Fu for cultivation of the mind, the body and self-defence.
  7. I will be immune to hot temperament and obliged to be humane & compassionate.
  8. I will be filial to parents, respectful to the elderly, and protective of the young.
  9. I am forbidden to abuse power, be it official or physical.
  10. I will uphold righteousness, and strive to be wise and courageous.

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