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School Guide Lines and Rules

Shun Wu Tang rules:

  1.  The name of the school, as handed down from our ancestors, is “Shun Wu Tang” pronounced Sun Wu Tung. (Sun Wu is the birth name of General Sun Tzr of the Art of War fame. Tang means Great Hall or place of great gathering)
  2. The objective of the school is to teach and preserve Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, enhance the spirit of martial arts, provide the student with sound mental health, as well as physical fitness and self defense.
  3. The school’s training is aimed to develop the student’s intellect, benevolence and courage, requiring him/her to use both, his/her limbs and his/her brain by placing the emphasis equally on both his body and mind.
  4. As developed by our ancestors and handed down from ancient days, the repertoire of Shun Wu Tang has the Luohan Quan as its foundation, supplementing with grappling, wrestling, Taiji Quan and techniques of various other styles.
  5. All people, irrespective of sex and nationality, who love the Martial Arts, may join the school as formal disciples or understudies after  taking the oath at the initiation ceremony.
  6. All the formal disciples are required to abide by the rules of the schools and take part in the school activities.
  7. The grading system that is followed will be that, as stipulated by Grandmaster Su of Taiwan.
  8. All those reaching third degree are qualified to instruct. With prior approval of the technical board, they may establish their own Tangs and teach the Shun Wu Tang arts to their own students. 
  9. All schools so established shall be clearly identified with the name “Shun Wu Tang Martial Arts Academy” and the school’s name shall not be misused by any member in any unlawful acts. Anyone found guilty of such acts, shall be expelled by the council and handed over to the security authorities for prosecution.
  10. All members of the school shall abide by the following code :
    1. Respect your instructors and what they teach you; disobeying and arrogant manners towards your seniors will not be tolerated.
    2. Do not show your martial arts techniques readily to others or pass the knowledge on to others, showing off with your knowledge is regarded as a disgrace to your instructor and the school. Remember that in learning there is no limit, and you should practice your martial arts regularly and persistently. Do not give up too easily or halfway.
    3. You learn martial arts for cultivation of your mind as well as for self defense, therefore, you should be immune to hot temperament and foolhardiness.
    4. You should show love and respect to your fellow classmates as good brothers and sisters to each other. Treat each other in a friendly way and with trust. Do not mistreat and bully the weak.
    5. The martial arts practitioner should refrain from over indulgence and in bad habits. 

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