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The Nine Principles of Shun Wu Tang

  1. Advance/drive hastily, strike forcefully
  2. Evade the attack (and nullify its force), counter-strike from the side
  3. Couple force (hardness, attack) with flexibility (soft, defence, evade)
  4. Amplification of force with torque (twisting/shaking the body from feet to hip to hand)
  5. Swallow (hold down) the shoulders, release the shoulder blades
  6. Alignment of the 4 golden points (hand, eye, hip, knee)
  7. Feet rooted in the ground (deep, steadfast stances)
  8. Amplification of force with bi-directional/counter-directional movements (e.g. pulling the opponent towards you while forcing a strike)
  9. Virtual simulation (visualise the outcome)